Austria Pet Food

Austria Pet Food - privat label producer for high-quality pet food with Austrian quality

Austria Pet Food produces high quality wet dog- and cat-food for the Private Label Brands of top European Retail and Pet Food chains. With its state-of-the-art production site being one of the most modern facilities in Europe, the company focusses on high, sustainable product quality with all products made in Austria. Our high quality standard has been confirmed with the IFS Certificate (International Featured Standard, „higher level“ certification for the year 2014 and 2015.)

Individuality and high-quality for your Dog- and Catfood for the European market

Austria Pet Food offers its customers in the European Retail and Pet Food Market full service solutions based on well-developed processes and high quality standards developed together with its customers. Tailor made solutions of the products based on individual requirements and quality expectations of Austria Pet Food’s customers are available in all areas: recipes, packaging, storage and logistics. Co-operation is based on a high level of transparency versus the customer. Based on these principles Austria Pet Food offers products fulfilling the highest standards in quality while reflecting an optimal price-performance ratio.

Austrian Pet Food Association

The öhtv – the Austrian Pet Food Association – represents the interests of the Austrian Pet Food producing industry and views itself as the representative of a responsible feed industry in Austria. 

Based on its statues and without any economic interest the öhtv is representing, coordinating and fostering the interests of companies producing and trading pet food and pet litter in Austria. All its activities are based on the idea of providing fact-based information about the nutrition of pets based on animal welfare and the promotion of keeping pets at home.

Austria Pet Food was founded in 2012. It is located in the area of Burgenland, the most eastern province of Austria. Majority owner is a group of private equity investors via Pet Food Holding GmbH & Co KG. Further major stakes are held by Athena Burgenland Beteiligungen AG, BRB Burgenländische Risikokapital Beteiligungen AG and Bruckner Holding GmbH.

Key Company Data - manufacturing of pet food - made in Austria

Production facility   9.000 m2
Production Capacity   up to 150 million standard units
Quality Principle   Made in Austria
Certification   IFS Certificate (International Featured Standard, „higher level“ certification 
 for the year 2014 and 2015)